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How did January get it's name? What are some famous holidays celebrated during this month? Were any famous people born in January? Such questions and

The Inner Consultation: How To Develop An Effective And Intuitive Consulting Style, Second Edition

The Inner Consultation, Second Edition sets out the author’s thoughts on how consulting skills, and methods of teaching them, have evolved in the 17

The Evolution Of U.s. Strategic Command And Control And Warning

This books covers the fear that top U.S. government officials had of "decapitation," that the Soviets would launch a first strike against the White

Inherited Cardiac Disease

Many heart conditions are inherited and if not diagnosed and managed appropriately place the patient at risk of blackouts, weakening of the heart, or

Study Guide For Pathophysiology - E-book

Use this study tool to master the content from Copstead and Banasik’s Pathophysiology, 5th Edition text! Corresponding to the chapters in the

Gray. Anatomía Para Estudiantes + Student Consult

Nueva edición de la obra de referencia en anatomía de la familia Gray, best seller y referencia definitiva en el estudio de la disciplina, con una

Healing Through Empathy

Dr. Adams does a great job in allowing the reader to see how empathy helps to heal and accept illness. A must read for patients and anyone working in

Management Of Animal Care And Use Programs In Research, Education, And Testing

AAP Prose Award Finalist 2018/19 Key features- Offers a revised, updated, and comprehensive first-line management book for those working in animal

Antioxidants In Andrology (trends In Andrology And Sexual Medicine)

This book focuses on the use of various molecules with antioxidant properties in the treatment of major male genital tract disorders, especially male

Técnicas De Rehabilitación En Medicina Deportiva

Esta obra es una guía para el diseño, ejecución y supervisión de programas de rehabilitación para lesiones deportivas. Está dirigida a los